The Class Survivors: 3PDL’s took the first phase to Reintegrated life with the HLAF FRED Program

The 3 former PDL’s start their first phase of reintegration through the post-release Session. In a step towards reintegration, HLAF FRED initiated a groundbreaking program aimed at facilitating the reintegration of three former Persons Deprived of Liberty (PDLs) back into society. The sessions mark the inception of a comprehensive series of six sessions designed to equip the PDL’s – February 2024  

The former PDL’s named themselves “Class Survivors”, this designation reflects their shared resilience and determination to overcome adversity and forge a new path forward. Through this Reintegration Program of HLAF FRED Program, these individuals are empowered to reclaim their identities, rebuild their lives, and contribute positively to their communities. 

The FRED Program session served as a catalyst for self-discovery and reflection, offering participants a platform to explore their aspirations, confront their pasts, and envision a brighter future. Through a series of interactive workshops, counseling sessions, and skill-building activities, the Class Survivors will be encouraged to harness their inner strengths and talents, paving the way for personal growth and development. 

Beyond the program, HLAF fosters a supportive environment where individuals can heal from past traumas, forge meaningful connections with peers, and access essential resources and services to facilitate their reintegration process. By nurturing a sense of belonging and empowerment, HLAF FRED empowers the Class Survivors to rewrite their narratives, break free from cycles of recidivism, and embrace a newfound sense of hope and purpose. 

As the Class Survivors embark on this journey, they will serve as beacons of resilience and inspiration, challenging societal perceptions and advocating for second chances. With each session, they will take bold strides towards reclaiming their dignity, rebuilding their lives, and shaping a brighter tomorrow for themselves and their communities.

Through the unwavering support of the HLAF FRED Program and their own unwavering determination, the Class Survivors stand poised to turn their dreams of redemption into reality, proving that with perseverance and compassion, every individual has the power to rewrite their story and find redemption. 


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