HLAF’s Commitment to Safeguarding Children’s Rights open an opportunity to enhance the BCPC’s functionality with DILG-QC

Aiming to ensure the rights of the children are upheld, protected and respected, HLAF continues to work closely with LGUs to strengthen BCPC functionality. April 5, 2024 

HLAF held a courtesy visit with stakeholders, including representatives from LGUs, to discuss strategies for strengthening BCPC functionality. The meeting served as a platform for HLAF to provide updates on its ongoing initiatives and collaborations with LGUs regarding BCPC programs and initiatives. Through open and collaborative discussions, HLAF provide updates to DILG QC Director, Emmanuel Borromeo. HLAF and LGU representatives identified areas for improvement and explored innovative approaches to address the evolving challenges faced by BCPCs in fulfilling their mandate. 

During the meeting, HLAF reiterated its unwavering commitment to supporting LGUs in their efforts to promote child welfare and protection at the grassroots level. HLAF’s dedication to capacity-building and training initiatives for BCPC members, coupled with its advocacy for policy reforms and resource mobilization, underscores its holistic approach to strengthening BCPC functionality. 

As the discussions progressed, it became evident that HLAF’s collaborative efforts with LGUs have yielded tangible results in enhancing BCPC effectiveness and responsiveness to the needs of children and families in communities.  Looking ahead, HLAF remains steadfast in its resolve to deepen its partnership with LGUs and other stakeholders in the pursuit of a more inclusive and child-friendly society.  

Through continued collaboration, advocacy, and action, HLAF and LGUs are poised to make significant strides in upholding and protecting the rights of every child, ensuring that they have the opportunity to thrive, growth, and fulfill their potential. 


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