Building Hope for Children: HLAF Visited Child Protection Unit Project in 3 Municipalities in Catanduanes

The Humanitarian Legal Assistance Foundation (HLAF) embarked on a significant journey to the province of Catanduanes. Their destination: the Child Protection Units (CPUs) projects located in the towns of Virac, Baras, and Gigmoto. The visit was a crucial step in HLAF’s mission to strengthen child protection across the region.

In Virac and Gigmoto, the CPUs were still undergoing construction, but the progress was evident. The structures, designed to be safe havens for children, were nearing completion. With their opening just around the corner, there was a buzz of anticipation and optimism in the air. The CPUs were set to become operational soon, making a local child protection.

The establishment of these CPU infrastructures is more than just a construction project; it represents a significant commitment to the safety and well-being of the children in Catanduanes. These units will provide tailored and responsive support for children at risk, addressing their unique needs with compassion and care. They will serve as the first line of defense, offering a sanctuary for those who need it most.

Beyond providing immediate protection, the CPUs will also act as a cornerstone for community empowerment. By fostering collaborative efforts across various sectors, they will implement evidence-based interventions that make a real difference. It will help to ensure that every child in Catanduanes can grow up safe and supported.

During the visit, HLAF representatives were moved by the dedication and hard work of everyone involved in the CPU projects. They met with duty bearers, construction teams, and community members, all of whom shared a deep commitment to child protection. The conversations were filled with hope and determination, highlighting the community’s unwavering resolve to create a brighter future for their children.

The HLAF’s visit to the CPUs in Catanduanes underscored the importance of community-driven efforts in safeguarding children’s rights. It was a reminder that while the road to comprehensive child protection is long, each step taken is a step closer to a future where no child is left behind. These initiatives are not just about building physical structures; they are about building a future where every child in Catanduanes is protected and valued.


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