The SIMULA 3 Project continues coordination in BARMM, ensuring the strengthening of advocacy and inclusivity for children

The SIMULA 3 Project, led by the Humanitarian Legal Assistance Foundation, Inc. in collaboration with UNICEF, aims to strengthen the Juvenile Justice Welfare System in the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao. The continues coordination of SIMULA 3 Project ensures the implementation of the project in BARMM. 

HLAF SIMULA 3 project in BARMM ensures inclusivity of diverse culture of children  

In furthering the proactive measures to enhance the implementation of the SIMULA 3 project in BARMM, consultation meetings were conducted with SUBATRA on March 26, 2024, and the Ministry of Indigenous People Affairs last April 8, 2024. At these meetings, Atty. Gilbert Sembrano Bautista, Technical Assistance Team Leader of SUBATRA, and Minister Melanio Ulama of the Ministry of Indigenous People Affairs participated separately. 

The consultations aimed to consolidate support from various stakeholders to strengthen the juvenile justice welfare system, taking into account the diverse cultural practices of vulnerable children in BARMM 

SUBATRA expressed its commitment to assisting HLAF throughout the project’s implementation, particularly in reviewing plans to mainstream children’s rights, providing support for barangay training in handling cases involving children in conflict with the law (CICL) and children-at-risk (CAR), addressing the root causes of delinquency and re-offending and provide support in incorporating the customs and traditions of IP’s in justice system. 

Similarly, the Ministry of Indigenous People Affairs (MIPA) also expressed their commitment to supporting projects that prioritize the best interests of indigenous children. “I really appreciate na nainclude kami sa magagandang program Ninyo. Within the scope ng area ko. Masaya yung mga IP na may programa na [ma-include sila] sa aming probinsya.Malaking tulong ito sa mga IPs. Kung makikita nyo yung situation nila madami silang problema [na kailangan ma-address]” 

By engaging with SUBATRA, MIPA, and other stakeholders, the SIMULA 3 project aims to foster a comprehensive understanding of the unique needs and challenges faced by vulnerable children in BARMM, advocating their holistic well-being. 

Strengthening Child Advocacy: HLAF’s Engagement with BARMM Stakeholders for SIMULA 3 Project 

HLAF visited partners and stakeholders fostering connections and igniting conversations integral to the SIMULA 3 project in BARMM for the SIMULA 3 project – March 18-21, 2024 HLAF had the privilege of meeting with esteemed offices including UNICEF, the Ministry of Social Services Development, the Ministry of the Interior and Local Government, the Regional Darul-Ifta’, and the Bangsamoro Human Rights Commission. These engagements provided invaluable opportunities to exchange insights, align objectives, and strategize for collective action. 

At the core of the SIMULA 3 project, the objective to capacitate duty bearers in effectively fulfilling their responsibilities towards children. By providing training, resources, and support, HLAF aims to empower duty bearers to champion the rights and well-being of children within their respective roles and jurisdictions.

The engagement with BARMM stakeholders for the SIMULA 3 project marks a significant step forward in HLAF’s ongoing efforts to strengthen child advocacy in the region.  


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