DLSU-D Interns Join the Women’s Month Celebration with HLAF

HLAF is continuing to promote Womens right, justice, and Women empowerment. During Women’s Month. Along with DLSU-D interns, HLAF conducted Focused Group Discussions (FGD) at different city jails in the Philippines, Jail Visitation, and Podcast about Women Empowerment.  

Women In Conflict with Law (WICLs) from different jails actively participated in a series of questions addressing various aspects of their experiences, from their initial arrest to their accommodation in both Philippine National Police (PNP) and Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP) dormitories, access to healthcare, family and lawyer visitations, and available programs from either facility. Every meeting is inclusive, which provides a secure space where women PDLs can openly express their experiences and opinion without discrimination, fear, or shame. These focused group discussions (FGDs) also serve as a platform for HLAF to inform PDLs about their rights and offer legal advice. Women PDLs are not only encouraged to voice their experiences but are also assured that their voices are equally heard and valued. 

DLSU-D Interns join HLAF for a jail visitation at Manila City Jail Female Dormitory. The interns were able to be a part of: The Paralegal Aide Training Graduation Ceremony was held for the select Women PDL’s who completed their training and were deemed fit to become guides for their fellow PDL’s towards a hopeful future of freedom with the accompaniment of BJMP Paralegal JNOR JO1 Chervin Loewe Navilla and City Jail Warden JSUPT Marizen S Sese. Interns also talked with some of the jail personnel about the situation of women inside the Manila City Jail. Interns also gain insights through Focused Group Discussion on the experiences of WICL.

Warden JSUPT Marizen S. Sese expressed her appreciation for HLAF. “On behalf of the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP), I extend our heartfelt appreciation to HLAF for their continuous assistance, particularly in conducting Paralegal Training programs. These initiatives have significantly contributed to the empowerment and welfare of our PDLs, as well as our personnel. Having paralegal aides in every jail facility is a big help on legal matter concerning the cases of our PDLs lalo na sa mga PDLs natin na walang pamilya o kamag-anak na nag-aasikaso ng kanilang mga kaso napakalaking bagay ang ginagampanan ng ating mga paralegai aides.”

Podcast Series for Women’s Month Launched by DLSU-D Interns. An enlightening podcast series, “Laya’t Lakas: Women’s Path to Liberation,” celebrates Women’s Month with insightful discussions and inspiring speakers hosted by DLSU-D Interns. The first part of the podcast focuses on the critical importance of legal rights awareness, the unique challenges women face in legal settings, and strategies for empowerment. The second part highlights the indispensable role of healthcare for women and discusses women’s rights, bringing the podcast series to a compelling conclusion.

Through this Women’s Month, HLAF will continue to promote and honor the value of women and their indisputable right to equality. 


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