Breaking Barriers, Transforming Lives: 2023 Focused Reintegration of Ex-Detainees Accomplishments

HLAF’s accomplishment in 2023 showcased efforts to challenge societal barriers and transform the lives of its beneficiaries. It highlights the advocacies for forwarding inclusive policies, equal rights, and access to justice, emphasizing the transformative effect on individuals, families, and different communities.

There were 26 successfully reintegrated former persons deprived of liberty (PDLs) back into the community. HLAF supported persons deprived of liberty (PDLs) and former inmates in transitioning back into society, helping them rebuild their lives, find employment opportunities, and access essential support services.

HLAF fostered community engagement and created pathways for PDL and former inmates to receive support from local organizations and community members as they reintegrate. HLAF helped reduce recidivism rates by providing PDL and former inmates with the necessary support and resources for a successful return to their communities.

PDL Reintegration Programs are being established in localities

HLAF facilitated dialogues and collaboration between duty bearers, correctional facilities, and community organizations to fill gaps in support services and reintegration programs.

HLAF helped raise community awareness about reintegration programs, leading to increased acceptance and understanding of the challenges faced by PDL and former inmates alike. It has contributed to the development of supportive policies and programs tailored to the specific reintegration needs of these groups of people.

Reintegration Trainings were provided to Duty-Bearers to address former inmates’ needs

HLAF’s reintegration training has provided duty-bearers with a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by PDL and former inmates, such as social stigma, limited access to employment, and the need for community support.

HLAF equipped duty-bearers with skills and knowledge to identify and address specific challenges, such as barriers to housing, employment, and social reintegration.


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