Breaking Barriers, Transforming Lives: 2023 Center for Restorative Action Accomplishments

HLAF’s accomplishment in 2023 showcased efforts to challenge societal barriers and transform the lives of its beneficiaries. It highlights the advocacies for forwarding inclusive policies, equal rights, and access to justice, emphasizing the transformative effect on individuals, families, and different communities.

There were 264 children whose rights, welfare, and well-being were promoted, forwarded, and protected because of the capacity training programs to more than 2,300 government employees, jail officers, local child protection officers, barangay officials, and other groups on different topics such as Human Rights, Juvenile Justice, and Restorative Justice which promoted values, beliefs, and attitudes that encouraged them and their beneficiaries, especially those most vulnerable people to uphold their rights and those of other individuals.

Structured Learning Visits to Duty-Bearers were facilitated

HLAF’s structured visits involve organizing a planned and systematic visit for the duty-bearers (such as government officials, policymakers, or donors) to interact with individuals or communities who have benefitted from HLAF’s programs and activities.

HLAF facilitated open discussions between the duty bearers being capacitated and successful beneficiaries, focusing on the challenges and achievements in accessing justice, promoting human rights, and forwarding inclusive policies for children.

Local Justice Zones were organized to promote access to justice

HLAF collaborated with different provinces to help establish local justice zone coordinating councils toward promoting better quality of access to justice especially for those remote or marginalized communities.

Moreover, HLAF facilitated discussions and encouraged community involvement in the administration of justice, fostering a sense of ownership and responsibility in addressing local legal issues.

Throughout the years, HLAF’s presence in the Local Justice Zones contributed to strengthening the rule of law at the grassroots level, promoting accountability, transparency, and fairness in resolving legal matters.

A National Conference of Social Workers and Criminologists is conducted

HLAF’s national conference enhanced the knowledge and skills of Social Workers and Criminologists but also fostered a progressive perspective, encouraging more responsive, sensitive, adaptive, and inclusive intervention programs for individuals in contact with the Criminal Justice System.

Social Workers and Criminologists are equipped to comprehend and articulate the circumstances of children, particularly those in contact with the justice system.


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