HLAF Internship Primer 2023

Welcome to the undergraduate internship program at the Humanitarian Legal Assistance Foundation, Inc. (HLAF)! HLAF advocates for the promotion and protection of the rights, welfare, and well-being of vulnerable people especially persons deprived of liberty and former ones. HLAF works with communities, individuals, duty-bearers, and organizations that are in need and helping through technical expertise, paralegal services, policy analysis, advocacy, and capacity building.

The aim of this book is to provide information on internship opportunities available at HLAF for undergraduate students. This book will outline the scope of the internship, eligibility criteria, application process, requirements, objectives, and benefits of the program.

Scope of the Internship: The undergraduate internship program is open to students studying any discipline. The program aims to provide students with the opportunity to engage in hands-on learning activities in the areas of human rights advocacy, research, documentation, communication, and outreach. Interns will be placed in different departments of the organization, depending on their interests and skills. These departments include:

  • Research and Documentation
  • Advocacy and Policy
  • Communications and Outreach

Eligibility Criteria: To be eligible for the internship program, applicants must:

  • Be an undergraduate student from a recognized university or college
  • Have a strong interest in human rights, social justice, and advocacy
  • Possess strong written and oral communication skills
  • Be willing to commit a minimum of a 240 hour minimum of full-time work

Application Process: To apply for the internship program, interested applicants must complete the following steps:

  • Submit a cover letter addressed to Atty. Rommel Alim Abitria, HLAF Executive Director and curriculum vitae to info@hlaf.org.ph
  • Participate in an interview with the selection panel

Requirements: Selected participants must complete the following requirements before starting the internship:

  • Attend orientation sessions on the organization’s objectives, policies, and programs
  • Obtain necessary permissions for data collection and fieldwork
  • Complete required briefings

HLAF’s internship program’s primary objectives are to:

  • Enhance understanding of human rights and social justice issues in the Philippines
  • Develop essential skills in research, analysis, and advocacy
  • Provide practical experience in working with marginalized communities
  • Foster a commitment to public service and civic engagement

HLAF’s internship program’s benefits include:

  • Exposure to real-world issues and challenges in the field of human rights
  • Opportunities to network and build professional relationships
  • Training in research, advocacy, and communication strategies
  • A certificate of completion at the end of the internship

HLAF provides excellent opportunities for undergraduate students to participate in its internship program. The program provides participants with a chance to develop practical skills, gain an understanding of human rights issues, and work with marginalized communities. We look forward to receiving your application and working with you to promote, forward, and protect human rights in the Philippines.


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