HLAF, in partnership with BJMP, initiates the 3rd Quarter Jail Paralegal Officers’ Kamustahan

Bureau of Jail Management and Penology – Forty-six Jail Paralegal Officers (JPO) attended the 3rd Quarter JPO Kamustahan last Nov. 8 at BJMP – NCR.

As a platform for new learnings and sharing updates, HLAF invited resource persons to tackle revised guidelines of continuous trial, a sample of cases about plea bargaining, and a discussion of RA 10951 highlighting Theft and Stafa cases.

Assistant Regional Director, Jail Senior Supt. Milet G. Batac, shared her gratitude during the opening remarks of the Kamustahan. She also emphasized that she’s looking forward to the fruitful discussions between the resource persons and the participating Jail Paralegal Officers.

Atty. Megan Musni from the Office of the Court Administrator talked about the revised guidelines of continuous trials. During the open forum, participants raised a question if the discussed revised guidelines will apply to pending cases. Atty. Musni said that it will apply even in 10 year-cases.

The discussion was followed by PAO Central Office represented by Atty. Maria Baja tackled the People vs. Estipona case as a sample of plea bargaining drug cases. It was seconded by HLAF’s Jail Decongestion Officer, Atty. Jean Aubree Ruby Sadural, about the RA 10951 as an act adjusting the amount or value of property and damage which a penalty is based. And the fines imposed under the revised penal code amending for the purpose act of 3815 otherwise known as the Revised Penal Code. The discussion highlight the penalties of Theft and Stafa cases. Also, John Vincent Castro, an Ateneo Clinical Legal Education (CLED) student shared their experiences and how they drafted letters for Stafa and Theft (provided by CLED students) and they can share it with Jail Paralegal Officers.

The participating Jail Paralegal Officers requested for a table of penalties per case. Also, PAO representatives offered that they can give assistance for the Alpha list and can identify quality inmates for release.

Jail Senior Supt. Milet G. Batac said during the closing remarks that she’s thankful for all the resource persons who allotted time to attend the Kamustahan to discuss topics that will be beneficial to JPOs and entertaining their inquiries.

HLAF and BJMP-NCR are very thankful for all the participating Jail Paralegal Officers that actively participated during the 3rd Quarter JPO Kamustahan.


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