HLAF and PNP-HRAO Drive Change for Human Dignity

The Humanitarian Legal Assistance Foundation, Inc – HLAF and the PNP-Human Rights Affairs Office collaborate toward their commitment to supporting human rights, January 11, 2024.

In HLAF, we’re honored to join forces to champion human rights and support persons deprived of liberty, former ones, and children. We thank the warm welcome of the Philippine National Police – Human Rights Affairs Office, most especially PCOL Jerico Baldeo (Chief, HRAO), PCOL Cesar Magsino (Acting Asst. Chief, HRAO), PLTCOL Daniel Banan (Chief, Policy Capability/Development Division), PLTCOL Edgar Pablico (Chief, Promotions & External Affairs Division), and PLTCOL Jayson Cabauatan (Admo).

This partnership signifies a collaborative effort to bridge the gap between law enforcement and human rights advocacy. By working together, HLAF and the PNP-HRAO can foster greater understanding and respect for human rights within law enforcement agencies, ultimately leading to improved protection and assurance of human rights for all individuals, including vulnerable and marginalized groups.

HLAF and PNP-HRAO’s partnership allows for capacity-building and training initiatives. HLAF can provide valuable legal expertise and training to PNP personnel, enhancing their understanding of human rights principles, including fair treatment of individuals within the justice system. This can lead to improved law enforcement practices that uphold the rights and dignity of all individuals, contributing to a more just and equitable society.

The collaboration between HLAF and the PNP-HRAO can facilitate better communication and accountability. By engaging in constructive dialogue and cooperation, both parties can address human rights concerns, advocate for necessary reforms, and work towards ensuring that human rights violations are effectively addressed and prevented within law enforcement practices.

This partnership serves as a testament to the shared commitment to upholding human rights standards within law enforcement operations, contributing to a more rights-based approach to policing and justice. The cooperation between HLAF and the PNP-HRAO can lead to positive systemic changes and a greater level of respect for human rights across the justice and law enforcement sectors.


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