Visitation at Molave Youth Home as a Stimulation

According to the proceeding philosophy that children in conflict with the law (CICL) should not be housed with adult criminals, but should instead be treated with love, Mayor Feliciano Belmonte Jr. implemented a program to the Quezon City’s Molave Youth Home— providing housing to hundreds of CICL. (Innovations Harvard Website; Molave Youth Home).

Molave Youth Home is often used to threaten children who misbehave. This creates terror for the children in the community. Children who are released from Molave Youth Home are often labeled as bad children.

However, Barangay Greater Lagro made a difference. Instead of threatening the children, they schedule a study tour to Molave Youth Home. The objective of the activity is to encourage additional child-rights advocates especially the children who would eventually suggest how to address the concerns of CICLs and children at risk (CAR) in their community. The visit also aims to change the impression of the children of the community to the CICLs.


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