HLAF Assessment Tool Receives Good Reviews from Duty-Bearers

In the ongoing mission to support Persons Deprived of Liberty (PDLs) and enhance their rehabilitation process, the Humanitarian Legal Assistance Foundation (HLAF) has been making significant strides. Following the FMC training attended by Malabon duty-bearers last February, HLAF’s FRED program took a crucial step by conducting an interview with Malabon City Jail’s Male and Female Dorms. This initiative aimed to evaluate the latest version of their assessment tool and ensure its effectiveness in the reintegration journey.

The interview process was comprehensive and revealing. It was designed to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the assessment tool, providing invaluable insights into its administration, effectiveness, and the receptivity of the PDLs. The assessment tool, a cornerstone in evaluating the needs and progress of PDLs, needed to be both robust and adaptable to serve its purpose effectively.

During the interview, the team, along with the duty bearers discovered several strengths of the current tool. It was praised for its thoroughness and the structured manner in which it gathered essential information about the PDLs. The PDLs themselves expressed appreciation for the tool, noting that it helped them reflect on their personal growth and reintegration progress.

Recognizing these challenges, the HLAF team, along with the duty-bearers, engaged in a collaborative effort to refine the tool. They classified specific areas for improvement and brainstormed diverse approaches to enhance its administration. This collaborative spirit underscored the commitment of all parties involved to make the reintegration process as effective and supportive as possible.

The collaboration also explored ways to enhance the receptivity of the PDLs. This involved making the tool more engaging and less intimidating, perhaps by incorporating interactive elements or providing additional support to PDLs as they complete the assessments. By making the assessment tool more effective, the hope was to encourage more honest and reflective responses, thereby improving the quality of the data collected.

The HLAF’s FRED program, in partnership with Malabon duty-bearers, demonstrated that through careful evaluation and collaborative refinement, tools and processes could be significantly enhanced. This initiative not only aimed to improve the assessment tool but also served as a reminder of the importance of continually seeking feedback and being open to change.

In the end, the collective efforts of the HLAF team, duty-bearers, and the PDLs themselves have paved the way for a more effective and compassionate reintegration process. This ongoing journey of improvement ensures that each step taken is a step closer to a future where every PDL has the support and opportunities they need to rebuild their lives and reintegrate into society successfully..


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